Pray Campus

The Vision


One night in December 2022, while driving home from a campus prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit unexpectedly began to speak in a flood of divinely-connected thoughts, one after another. 

God began to highlight words & promises that He has spoken over the college campuses of our nation over the past 20 years, that haven't yet come to pass.  We strongly began to sense that God was opening a doorway from the past into the present, that if we would enter in by faith and by unity we could begin to step into those promises now! 

That night, the Holy Spirit highlighted 5 things that would be key, in what we believe is an invitation from heaven for the college campuses of America...

#1. A Key to Unlocking Heaven & Releasing Revival

In 2004, God released a word to a young revivalist who catalyzed revival fires on campuses throughout America and Asia.  Through a dream, the Lord gave him a word: “the key to unlocking heaven and releasing revival over the campuses of our nation [will] be through raising up 24/7 Campus Houses of Prayer.”

#2. “It’s Time to Call Campus America to Pray”

Amazingly in 2005, God spoke to another young man who was visiting America from the UK.  One night, the Lord gave him a dream that shook him to his core.  The message of the dream was this: "It's time to call Campus America to pray!"  As it turns out, he was part of a ministry known as “24-7 Prayer International.” 

As we reflected on these words, we began to see a theme emerging: 24/7 prayer, college campuses, America and revival! 

#3. A Year of Open-Heavens Over Colleges

The Lord brought to mind the year 2006, when revival broke out at Arizona State University. However, He reminded us of the big-picture context in which this revival broke out – national ministries uniting & 120 college campuses coming together for a Year of 24/7 Prayer! 

At that time, we were hearing stories of students being rescued from suicide, atheists encountering Jesus, salvations, healings and many other amazing miracles – at Ohio State, San Jose State, UCLA, UT Austin, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, etc. God was moving on many campuses, through many students!

#4. A Shift in Understanding of the “House of Prayer”

The Lord has been speaking to us about a shift in understanding – from the “House of Prayer” being a specific building or location, to the “House of Prayer” being a canopy over a geographic location.  In other words, a canopy of God's presence being hosted over a region, made up of many ministries or prayer groups uniting together!

The Lord began to connect this shift in understanding with the word over college campuses in 2004: What if the "Campus House of Prayer" is not primarily individual houses of prayer on every campus, but a united canopy of God's presence over the campuses of America - made up of many college campuses uniting together? 

#5. A United Invitation in the 247th Year of America

For more than 8 years, the primary way the Lord highlighted to our campus prayer movement that it was time to launch into a season of 24-hour prayer, was by causing us to see the number “247” everywhere!  Waking up exactly at 2:47am, seeing 247 in the most random of places, school supplies being marked down to $2.47, etc. Whenever we began to see “247”, we knew God was inviting us into another season of 24-hour prayer. 

Incredibly, this began to happen again in 2022.  As we sought the Lord on this, He began to draw our attention to something incredible: that America was getting ready to enter its 247th Anniversary Year as a nation!

In that moment, God began to breathe a question and birth a vision, that has since ignited a fire within our hearts:

What if in the 247th Year of America, the sound of 24/7 worship & prayer began to arise from the college campuses of our nation? 

What if there arose a united invitation from earth to heaven for the presence of God, not simply to visit us for a season, but to come and dwell on the college campuses of America?


One of the last things that God spoke that night was this: “Could you believe for 500 college campuses to unite together in a Year of 24/7 Prayer?”

At first, this seemed impossible!  But as God continued to speak, He began to release a strategy that took things out of the realm of “impossible,” into the realm of “this could totally happen...” 

There are 50 states in our nation.  If only 10 campuses in every state were to host worship, prayer and invite the presence of God onto their campus, we would see 500 arise across our nation!

We had the sense that if we would reach out to friends and burning hearts across the nation and do this together in united collaboration, we could see 500 campuses hosting the presence of God in a Year of 24/7 Prayer and Revival Family!


We recently launched the Year of 24/7 Prayer on January 17, 2024 with friends across the nation.  We would LOVE for you to join us in hosting the presence of God on your college campus in this next year!!